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Social documentary, street photography & landscape

About Me

I am Rob Sloot, a passionate autonomous amateur photographer, living in the Netherlands, with a preference for social documentary and street photography. Occasionally I venture into other disciplines like landscape and (jazz-)concerts. The passion for photography originated in the late 1970s, as far as this is concerned, I am an autodidact.

After moving in the early 80s, I have been active primarily in administrative and organizational terms. This gave up many contacts at home and abroad. As a result, I was invited at the beginning of this century to participate in a photographic event in China: this not only gave photographic love at first sight. The most photos on this site bear witness to this.

The intention of this site is mainly showing you my photos. Although some pictures the best need to be shown in color the beginning of the passion, working in black and white, is now the main way of showing my photos. I'm trying to update the various items on this site as much and as soon as possible, so come back often. I hope you will enjoy your visits.

If you're interested in some more information about my photographic activities drop me a line or call me to make an appointment and drop by for some coffee and a good conversation about whatever moves you, you're welcome!

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